Merlos Bass Guitars


Merlos Bass Guitars was born out of the need, after years of music in groups and orchestras, to achieve quality sound and design in an electric bass.


Since 1978, José Merlos, founder of Merlos Bass Guitars, has been very meticulous with the sound he wanted to find, as well as the need to design a bass that does not weigh for the comfort of the musician who has to spend several hours on the stage playing.


The first step he took from musician to lutier was the study of wood. After years of researching and designing bass types, Merlos managed to make his own brand with a nice and light design; but that was not enough for the satisfaction of the versatile sound he was looking for.


The problem was that once the bass was obtained, the electronics to be used were the same ones that used other brands, so it did not stand out. At that time, it was decided to design and build a preview for the definition of the authentic Merlos sound. After years of research, they go for the 3rd generation of previous ones that they have managed to put on their lows. In addition, Merlos Bass Guitars also has proprietary pickups for sound pickup.


Both the bass guitars and the guitars manufactured by Merlos, all models have carbon fiber on the neck to improve the regulation of the soul and always keep it as faithful as possible for all those musician who go from cold to hot in a short time and causes the wood of the instruments to bend.

Jose Merlos Luthier
Jose Merlos Lutier
Jose Merlos Luthier
Jose Merlos Luthier